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Rajasthan HistoryHistorically, Rajasthan had always been governed by princely states under the dominance of central, imperial control. History of Rajasthan has contributed great warriors and heroes, their brave deeds resulting from a desire to remain independent. The official histories of different ruling families present a long list of leadership qualities and exemplary patterns of bravery. The princely kingdoms of Rajasthan merged as one state in the Indian union after Independence. Though the state did not have a common political and administrative entity prior to this, its socio-culture history was knit on the basis of its history, life patterns, value systems and linguistic unity.

From the seventh century on , Maru Bhasha was recognized as the language of Rajasthan, by the eleventh century , great epics such as Chand Bardai’s Prithiviraj Raso had come into existence. This great tradition of written literature continue till today through a large number of heroic epics, legendary ballads, stirring poetry, devotional compositions, works on prosody, dictionaries (Nam Mahas), tales in pose, and critical treatises on philosophy , religion, logic and medicine. The tradition of Jain and Charan literature has enriched cultural discourse in recording historical events and people’s aspirations through the common mode of language.

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