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Rajasthan TourRajasthan travel guide elaborates all the Rajasthan travel related information and travel tips. Rajasthan travel guide Travel Guide provides travel information to plan your holidays to Rajasthan. Rajasthan Travel Guide features about Rajasthan, Map of Rajasthan, major attractions of Rajasthan, Rajasthan culture, Rajasthan art and craft, How to reach Rajasthan, Rajasthan fairs and festivals and weather. It really helps you to plan your Rajasthan tour.

Travel Information on Rajasthan travel guide made your travel easy and also help you out making tailor-made Rajasthan travel itineraries. We have expert team of tourism professionals and travel consultants who would be at your service any time you ask for assistance for making your Rajasthan travel unforgettable one. We will help you preparing your holidays to Rajasthan and provide you all the facts before departing for “The land of Kings” Rajasthan.

About Rajasthan

It is the city of Rajputs who ruled Rajasthan from one thousand years, even today they regarded as a very high respect. Rajasthan stands for valour and courage but one of Rajputs basic fallacies is that they have never been united while facing the foreign invaders. The word Rajput means son of kings. It has an area of 342274sq. km.Rahasthan had a princely states and each state was ruled by Rajputana which they called Maharaja.

Rajasthan History
Historically, Rajasthan had always been governed by princely states under the dominance of central, imperial control. History of Rajasthan has contributed great warriors and heroes, their brave deeds resulting from a desire to remain independent. The official histories of different ruling families present a long list of leadership qualities and exemplary patterns of bravery. The princely kingdoms of Rajasthan merged as one state in the Indian union after Independence.

Major Attractions

Amber Fort is situated about 11 kilometers from Jaipur and is also known as Amer. Rugged hills is a fascinating blend of Hindu and Mughal architure. In 1952, Amber Fort is constructed by raja man Singh I but it was complted by Sawai jai singh I. This fort is made up of red sand stone and white marble.

Rajasthan Culture
The culture of Rajasthan has a wide spectrum of jain merchant princes, jat and gujjar cultivators, muslim Craftsmen and the Rajput warrior aristocracy. Rajasthan renowned for its vibrant colors ,people in bright clothes and beautiful jewellery reflects the brightness of life. Traditional Rajasthan music is full of richness and diversity. Men and Women of Rajasthan sing festive songs of saint poets like Meera, Kabir and Malookdas.

Rajasthan Art and Craft
Rajasthan Jewellery- consists of old skills in the traditional crafts of most exciting tie and dye fabrics in vibrant colours,fine block printed textiles and skills and ivory carving and cutting of a precious stones. The craftsmanship of Jewellers and other skills of Rajasthan are renowned. Jaipur’s meenakari is one of the best skill of crafts.

How to Reach Rajasthan
All points within the state are connected by both road and rail. While railway connections offer convenient overnighters, reservations are necessary. Visitors coming from overseas can choose to come via Delhi or Mumbai, with Delhi being closer, and providing the ideal entry point through Jaipur. From Mumbai, the entry point into Rajasthan is Udaipur. The only other national airport used for civil aviation services is at Jodhpur.

Rajasthan Travel Information

Visas / Entry Requirements
Almost every non-Indian needs a tourist visa for traveling to India.

• Money Currency
• Exchange rate - Check at time of travel as it can fluctuate.
• Indian Rupee
• Changing Money

You cannot obtain rupees outside India so change your travelers cheques and foreign currency on arrival at the hotel if you can (a better exchange rate than at the airport).

Rajasthan Fair and Festivals

Rajasthanis are very fond of colour and joyous celebrations, with which they surrenders to various fairs and festivals of the region. It is celebrated by the Hindus, Muslims and others, there are traditional fairs. There are animal fairs, religious fairs and fairs to mark the changing season.The celebrations occurs round the year

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