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Rajasthan Culture The culture of Rajasthan has a wide spectrum of jain merchant princes, jat and gujjar cultivators, muslim Craftsmen and the Rajput warrior aristocracy. Rajasthan renowned for its vibrant colors ,people in bright clothes and beautiful jewellery reflects the brightness of life. Traditional Rajasthan music is full of richness and diversity. Men and Women of Rajasthan sing festive songs of saint poets like Meera, Kabir and Malookdas.

The important part of Rajasthan culture is fairs and festivals, which involve Mewar festival, Baneshwar fair, nagaur fair, and many more. Another culture is Rajasthan cusine ,the preparation of food which was very complex matter and was raised to the levels of an art form. So the Khansamas- the royal cooks kept their most enigamatic recipes to themselves.Rajasthani curries, a brilliant red but are not spicy as they look. Rajisthani cusine uses pure ghee as a medium of cooking.

A favourite sweet dish called lapsi sauted in ghee and then sweetened. Rajasthani best known food is the combination of dal ,bati, and churma. Each region is distinguished by its popular sweet- Mawa kachori from Jodhpur, Alwar ka Mawa, Malpuas from Pushkar, Ghevar from Jaipur.Art and crafts is another culture of Rajasthan which describes the tradional handicrafts of Rajasthan Jewellery. Rajasthan handicrafts, the art of Rajasthan wooden furniture, the splendid art of Rajasthan Jooties and many more which enchants the tourists.

Ceremonies :
The human relationships are institutionalized by cultural as well as practical considerations. The birth of a child , marriage and death are three most important Sanskars in the life of each member of society. Indian society has a total of sixteen different Sanskars, each with its own initiation ceremonies. These are elaborate functions and they are accompanied by folk songs, dances and meeting defined social commitments. Though such practices are universal, different regions and groups of human society organize them to suit their own identity.

Wedding ceremony:
Wedding ceremony in Rajasthan are conducted in traditional way, may take month or more. Right from establishing the god of well being Vinayak, to the feast invitations, the ceremonial march of the wedding party with bridegroom riding a mare, the reception at the bride’s house and hundreds of responsibilities are buit into the ceremony.
Birth and Death ceremonies:
Birth and Death ceremonies in Rajasthan operate on a similar scale. It is at this level that the role of the Bhat(genealogists), Raos or Jagas (panagyries), Dholis, Dhadhis, Langas and Manganiyars (musicians), and the Pandas (recorders of death) at Haridwar, Gaya, and Pushkar become culturally important. No caste groups can be recognized without the dependent caste mentioned above to serve them.

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Rajasthan Culture

Rajasthan Culture

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