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The month of Kartik, which falls in November is the time for Rajasthan’s best known, and perhaps its most important fair, Pushkar. It is both a religious as well as a commercial event. Held in the sacred town of Pushkar, 11 km north-west of Ajmer, it is awaited eagerly not only by
visitors from all over the world.

Every temple – and there are hundreds of them in Pushkar – and every Ghat has a religious significance. The lake here finds mention in the ancient text of Padama Purana. It is believed to have been created by Lord Brahma himself who performed a ‘Yagna’ here and sanctified the entire area. Devout Hindus believe that without a dip in this holy lake, their pilgrimage to the four main centres (char dham) is incomplete.A rare temple dedicated to Lord Brahma is also to be found in Pushkar.

Though there is a steady flow of pilgrims throughout the year, the month of Kartik has special significance. This is the time when lakhs of devotees converge on this small town and turn it into a bustling , crowded fair. The event that goes on for twelve days is also the venue for the annual cattle fair. An amazing number of camels, horses and livestock collect here as their owners participate in the trading. For visitors from outside the state, this fair provides a panorama of memorable visual images. The colours of Rajasthan , and the beautifully decorated animals against the equally breathtaking backdrop.The atmosphere is infectious and visitors find themselves drawan into the laughter, songs and dance that is intimately associated with it.

The Rajasthan Government has been supporting Pushkar Fair as an International attraction by adding modern facilities for the foreign guests. Every year during the phase of Karthik Purnima you can feel this city dance with the beat of rhythmic folk dances and other cultural events. It is a cultural celebration, which is carried for a week.

In this frivolous environment you can get yourself involved into traditional confab of short skits, cattle trading bonanza, snake charmers, folk songs and many other delights. Every year approximately 200,000 people make Pushkar their hub for entertainment.

For many days the localities bring with them countless animals for racing and trading purpose, adding up to this colorful festivity. Pushkar fair can enthrall your heart and rejuvenate your soul with its captivating energy of culture

In the land of spirituality and festivity of Pushkar, an extravaganza known as Pushkar Fair is held every year during the period of Kartik Purnima. The fair is a weeklong celebration, which pulsates Pushkar with its entertaining events. The traditional folk dances and songs stimulate the environment, which is already stirred with the thrill of camel races and cattle fare.

The mass trading of camels and other cattle’s is the most interesting part of Pushkar fair. Villagers come from miles to trade over 25,000 camels, making it world’s largest camel fair. Enjoy cheering a camel race or get indulged in beauty parade of camels, a beauty pageant with a difference!

Pushkar fair has a carnival atmosphere, campgrounds; food stalls selling regional flavors, acrobats, jugglers, snake charmers and open kitchen. If you are in Pushkar Fair, then shopping is another fun that you will not like to miss. Embroidered clothes embellished with mirrors, colorful shawls, beads, bangles are easily accessible in roadside stalls. Apart from the main attraction of the cattle trade, this fare lures tourists with its vivid cultural activities like folklores beaded into songs and folk dances.

This fair attracts people from all over the world. Every year the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation does appropriate arrangements for the fairgoers. The description of Pushkar Fair sounds very dreamy but to experience it you need to come over Rajasthan.

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