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In Udaipur , Gangaur coincides with the Mewar Festival.The traditional Ganguar boat carries the procession across lake Pichola, as has been the custom since several years.All over the city , married women and young girls dressed in their best can be seen in groups singing religious songs and offering prayers for marital bliss. Once the religious part of the festival is over, the Department of Tourism takes over to offer cultural evenings that culminate with an impressive display of fireworks.

In a small village of Chaksu located close to Jaipur the crowd gather in the month of Chaitra to worship Goddess Sheetla Mata. Stale food, cooked the night before is offered to the goddess to pacify her, so that her wrath may be kept in check. The goddess is said to have miraculous powers that prevent smallpox.

A temporary market is set up for the villagers who gather here and devotees reach the vanue using a great variety of transport-buese and jeeps, tractors, camel and bullock carts. Community singing and dancing on the open grounds surroundinmg the hilltop temple in mandatory.

You can enjoy in your own way in a festival known as Mewar Festival. It is celebrated every year during the time of Gangaur festival, which is held in March-April. In this festival the rich culture of Rajasthan is dramatically portrayed by the performance of the folk artists.

Mewar Festival is celebrated to welcome the charm of spring. Once the religious ceremony of the festival is over, you can watch the cultural beginning with the amazing display of the fireworks. Females dress the images of Isar and Gangaur to carry them in a procession, which ends at the Gangaur Ghat at Lake Pinchhola. Later, while singing, these images are transferred to a special boat.

Just like all other festivals, Mewar Festival is also celebrated throughout the state. You can see the women and men in their best traditional outfits, along with their stunningly beautiful jewelry. The joyful ambience and cultural activity makes its guests live every moment.

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Mewar Festival

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